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Happy Women's History Month!

You will never know how EXCITING it is for me to BE a WOMAN who is able to CELEBRATE herself and the many WOMEN of all ethnicities and power who make a mark in the world. It is of great importance to me that we as WOMEN make a positive effect in our communities and the lives of the people who surround us. Being a WOMAN that is admired as a positive role model, a bold leader, mentor and influencer is extremely liberating to me! I love being a WOMAN, and believe that we are a powerful being. WOMEN have proven to have the ability to stand through some of the toughest times and greatest adversities that are commonly accomplished through lack and with very little support. Oh but WOMEN, have learned to stand tall through it all, to stand up for themselves and to understand the process of progress. WOMEN no longer have to sit on the side lines silently. We’ve managed to boldly infiltrate some of the highest levels of congress, law enforcement & executive management positions (federal, city and state). What that tells me is that we’ve learned to see the vision, work towards it and accomplish the goal. Hence, the process of progress, which is seeing what you want, setting a plan, working towards it and gaining the victory. These are all things that we too have mastered. So this WOMEN’S Month I would like to celebrate all of the WOMEN who have been doing just that. No matter how big or small what you’re doing may seem nor how low key or popular you think that you are, I celebrate you. I celebrate you because I know what it’s like to work through lack and with little support and make it. It’s because of this that I understand the great need to uplift and inspire others along the way. I also know how it feels once you accept that there is a process in progress. Once you decide that your vision is worth fighting for and that you too can be one of the many women permeating organizations, businesses and communities positively, you will feel liberated. So I encourage you to do it on purpose, be bold, fearless and fabulous during the process, and always make sure that as you continue to make progress you support another woman along the way.

Stay encouraged,

Denise McIntosh

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