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SPOT LIGHT: 3rd Grade Detective Akiya David

Detective Akiya David

I am proud to be spotlighting Akiya David; a woman whom I’ve known for many years now. Over the years I have watched her go through ups and downs and experience many hardships but through it all God has always prevailed. Watching her grow and mature into the woman that she has become today makes this even more exciting for me.

Akiya; mother, daughter, and friend has faced many challenges but each time she’s continued to push through. Being a mom as we all know isn’t an easy job and being a working mom is even harder. Over the years Akiya decided to take on a job in law enforcement. Starting first with the NYPD School Safety Division Akiya took on the challenge of becoming a School Safety Officer working along with the New York City Department of Education to keep children safe. After 6 years of dedication to the School Safety Division she decided to do something more challenging and become a New York City Police officer. Although the training and experience of a new academy was rigorous Akiya kept up with her commitment of joining the force. Once becoming a Police Officer Akiya was assigned to the NYPD Patrol Borough Brooklyn North Command serving for 8years as an officer within the 77th and 63rd precinct areas. On December 21, 2018 after all her hard work and dedication to the division, Akiya was promoted to 3rd Grade Detective; becoming the first black female to hold this title in the 63rd precinct. This is a clear testament of faith and dedication one that I can attest to. So, this month we congratulate and celebrate Akiya David for all her hard work and dedication. Her ability to stand through all the adversity that she’s faced and represent women in the force all over the world gives me great pleasure to do so.

We salute you Akiya, keep up the great work and continue to be safe!

Denise McIntosh

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