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My most favorite time of the year!! The time of the year when we make ourselves believe that life will be carefree, full of fun times, great weather and much more. The time of the year that most people look forward to and plan for. The time that brings such excitement to our lives. With every opened eye that wakes up to the morning sun and the smile that follows it after you realize that it’s such a beautiful day and your OFF. Off from work off from school; what’s a girl to do. How is it so easy for us to plan so well for a particular season, for a vacation even for an event yet so hard for us to plan for our lives, for our businesses or for our future. The answer as confusing as it may seem is that we don’t have our priorities straight. Notice that I said WE because this is a common behavior that we all experience. But everybody say, “THIS SEASON”. This season will be different, this one will be filled with us utilizing our full potential getting our priorities straight and committing to what we say we’re going to do for the betterment of our futures. Let’s not waste any more time, let this season be the season that we are excited about because it is the one time that our planning and execution pays off. This is it, this is the time that all our hard work will pay off. Enjoy this season,

let’s do it!!!

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