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When Facing a Challenge Effects Change

Life has a funny way of presenting us with many challenges; some good and some bad. The awesome thing about that is when the thing that challenges you forces you to make a necessary change. Although change can be difficult it can also be for your good. Think of this, we love to eat. I say we but maybe it’s just me; so I’ll speak for myself. I love eating whatever I want and no matter how much I try to convince myself that I’m getting older and I need to watch my diet, I don’t find it easy to do. Most times I start out great and in one or two weeks the idea moves to the back of my mind and I’m back to square one. So, does that mean that I can’t do it because it’s hard for me to commit to it? What about exercising? If you’re anything like me, it just doesn’t come easy to me. I mean I try to convince myself daily of its importance, I remind myself every time that I look into the mirror; yet I still haven’t committed to it. Hmm, does that mean that it can’t be done or that it’s no good for me because I haven’t? No, on the contrary; what it really means is that I/we need to focus on getting a new level of commitment to achieve the goal. Looking at things that are hard for you as impossible is the wrong thing to do. The best thing to do in this situation is to make a conscious decision to confront the challenge, map out your desired outcome and commit to achieving your desired goal. What works for me is starting off small. I started with small steps, cutting out breads and slowing down my pasta intake. Those are definitely most peoples desired food choices but guaranteed to put on pounds. Also; cutting off snacks (lowering your sugar intake) is definitely a good way for one to start. After you get that under control you move on to the next step. It’s the same with exercise, starting off small and gradually working your way up is definitely a great way to overcome the challenge. So, why did I tell you this? I did it because these are simple challenges that we all face every day and although we may or may not want to face them they may actually be necessary. It’s just the same for the hard challenges; although their hard they could be life changing, not just for you but for others. So, as you decide to face your next challenge do so with full commitment expecting to effect a change. Good Luck!

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