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Walk by FAITH not by SIGHT

Have you ever prayed for or about something and felt that you never received an answer? Things like good health, strength, healing or finances? Some may have even prayed for their family, recovery or just a way out. I sure have, and still do. There are many times when I’ve looked at the things around me and felt like nothing good could ever come from it. After going through years of let downs and disappointments, I began reevaluating my thinking. I began praying more often, and focused more on building my faith which has truly brought me to a better place. You see; although physically we may feel like we don’t have the means, strength, opportunity or skill to get through, FAITH would prove something different.

Faith is the SUBSTANCE of things HOPED for and the EVIDENCE of things UNSEEN.

When you live by FAITH it takes for YOU to BELIEVE that what you are praying, asking or believing for will come true even if you don’t yet see it. It takes for you to speak life into your situation, positively and by continuously encouraging yourself as you journey through. How easy it that, it costs you nothing, no one has control over it but you, no one can give or take it away. It’s like having your very own SUPER POWER. It’s not about guaranteeing that everything that you have faith in is going to come true it’s quite the contrary. What it’s really about is understanding that your Faith should be greater than your Fear. If our fear can stop us from taking risks, achieving goals or succeeding in anything why can’t our Faith do just the opposite?

I’m apt to believe that it can. Throughout my experience I’ve learned to choose Faith and I implore you to do the same. It creates such liberty from within, such power. One thing for sure; you can’t have it without working for it. So as you venture off into the world once again, I encourage you to have faith on purpose. Work for it, work on it and watch it work for you.

Continue to be encouraged and remember that Faith without Works is Dead, so WORK FOR IT!

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