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I’m feeling free, like an uncaged bird; so optimistic. Floating on the endless possibilities and hopes of a life of surplus. Independence denotes sovereignty, self-government, self-sufficiency. This is freedom!! A very short time ago, feelings of hopelessness kept me crippled. I was unable to process that my setbacks were actually part of my setup for my comeback. I was bound by the fear of becoming. Not trusting myself. I was judging where I was in my life as opposed to where and who I would be. I had to realize that the difference between my now and my future was my perception. I thought that I was a failure, so I walked in that belief. When I made the decision to think as an overcomer, I became an overcomer. The Bible says that as a man think in his heart, so is he. I had to think greater so that I could become greater!!

How often do we choose to embrace our independence? Often putting restraints on ourselves. Encasing ourselves in our personal list of fabricated flaws and self-sabotaging tendencies. It’s ok to dare to be different, distinctive, divergent, open to the challenge, and open to change.

Society depicts rather than dictates to us the who, what, when, where, and whys of our lives. The press cavorts around stories. Social media perverts’ fraudulent life styles. A culmination of a world fearful of ownership, accountability, and truth. It takes guts, stamina, honesty, growth, humility, and grace to be free. That is the price we must pay.

Our ancestors fought for our freedom. They lived, ate, and breathed for it. Some even died for it. From equality to the abolishment of slavery. The right to vote for legislation to change. Laws implemented for you and I to live our very best lives without limits. This world is our blank canvas. We have all the tools on the inside of us to paint the perfect picture of our lives, the ability to write our own stories.

During this month, as we observe independence for our country. As we do that I encourage you to take time to celebrate your personal liberation, recreate your life by revitalizing the dream you thought died. Fortify the business and begin to maximize your strengths. Bombard your mind and soul with knowledge and creativity. It’s time for you to pull out your God given potential; you were born to win and purposed for greatness.

Now is the time for our thoughts to change. The time for us to truly be free. The world needs that gift that only you can give so be empowered and stay encouraged.

Most of all, continue to evolve.

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