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Defined by qualities of unusual delicacy, fine craftsmanship. That is the definition of exquisite. It’s also our status: a plethora of things combined to design the perfect you.

Make up beat to perfection, lips glossed, hair laid, wearing the perfect skin toned dress with shoes to match. Intentionally trying to mimic the fashion icon we chose to be today.

Truth be told, we often hide behind these things so that no one will detect who we really are. Suffering from identity crisis and the pressure of meeting the world’s standards, we find ourselves hiding behind the veil.

The veil represents separation from reality, it conceals and hides the very thing you don’t want anyone else to see.

I’ve learned over time that the person you are when you’re alone is truly who you are. No lights, camera or action; only the real you. Who is that? Do you truly know who you are? What are you masking with the hopes of avoiding the true you?

I’m masking my veil-covered failures, my insecurities, my flaws, my brokenness and the anger that has given all of these things the ability to infiltrate my beautiful being. I remember looking in the mirror and having no idea whose reflection I saw.

Drowning because I refused to accept and address myself. I suffered with the inability to hold myself accountable because it required truth from the inward parts.

That’s when the hour came and there was an awakening❤. I had to do some soul searching, to find the authentic me.

I couldn’t value who I didn’t trust. So, I began to peel back each layer that represented the bondage that I was in until I finally found who I truly am. This was the most liberating thing I had ever done.

As I continue to remove the veil I have to encourage you ladies not to be afraid of acknowledging your truth. Hiding behind your veil only leads to a date of exposure in which the real you will eventually seep through. Do what is necessary to get to the core of who you are so that you can become the best you. Whatever your veil represents today: unmask, de-clutter, filter your emotions and fix your crown. You are a diamond in the ruff, a prized possession, and a force to be reckoned with. Walk in that light and the destiny it’s created for you! The truth behind the veil is the freeing of your soul! Be empowered, be encouraged and evolve ❤

Todji Banks

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