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Stress, Distress, and Eustress.

Stress is a natural occurrence in everyone's life. Stress varies in type and magnitude. How we deal with stress determines how we live our lives. We make a conscious choice to deal with what we are faced or stuff what we are faced with, within our bodies. Dealing with uncomfortable situations gives us the ability to grow and learn. When we do not deal with stress properly, it turns into long extended trauma, and crisis that becomes ongoing, everyday a constant cycling of events and the pain it caused. Fact is we stay in a constant state of stress by choice. Yes, it's a choice. Once you accept and realize you have overcome the trauma left behind, and all you have to show for it is your memories, you choose what you want to take from those memories - good, bad or indifferent. So choose wisely, because many stressful events carry a lesson, usually to show us how to love yourself more. Distress Many people are in distressed - meaning - causing sorrow, pain, anxiety, and sadness. When people are distressed their proverbial cut has run it over. They are damaged, but they still have a choice, to address their pain, by taking accountability for their choices or believing they are blameless in these life occurrences. We choose to ignore red flags. Then blame the flag for being red when we knew it all along. Does this mean either side is blameless, absolutely not. There is a such thing as being too kind, too tolerant, too accepting, which all mean no boundaries. Like having a mansion without an alarm system, cameras, a gate, or watch dogs. We do more to protect material items than we do ourselves. At the end of the day, the mountain of trauma and distress is still there... waiting to be dealt with. Eustress Eustress means good stress. There are situations that bring about Good Stress, like vacations, a promotion, graduation, new car or home purchase, going to the gym and even sex. So make sure you incorporate more of things that provide Eustress. Because it will makes all the difference in your world. Love and Light, Khay

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