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Resources are important and we thank Khadija for touching on some very important subject; we hope that you find it useful

Support of any kind is extremely important especially in those times when we feel most alone, for women of color during the Winter season, is when it's harder to obtain energy for our bodies from the Sun. We tend to lose a lot of Vitamin D. Which is a source of nutrition, the loss of vitamin D causes depression. We need anywhere from 5000 mgs to 50,000 per month. Some foods that are rich in vitamin D are wild salmon, eggs, mushrooms, and yogurt.

Suicide is a taboo topic, but it's one that we must discuss. No situation is worth your life, and if you question whether it is... let's get you some support. National Suicide Prevention Hotline - 800-273-8255. I get it, we all just want the pain to stop. However, it’s difficult to turn your brain off. Just know, you are not alone. Let someone in to help you, I can almost guarantee someone within your circle of friends and family may have considered the same possible. Thankfully, they chose life.

Last, and the most important is the support you provide yourself. No one can love you the way you need love but you. You are the most important piece to this puzzle. Which means learning to be more kind, loving and supportive to yourself especially in times you are feeling less deserving. You are worth of your love and support. Provide it to yourself unconditionally.

Love and Light,


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