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A letter to ALL Women

Let me tell you a thing or two about a woman A (w. o. m. a. n) she’s wise, optimistic, magical, admirable, and most definitely necessary.

As a woman, don’t ever feel defeated,

You take in more than expected but somehow the job always gets completed.

Us woman can go through hell & back and on the flight back, she steps off standing tall and you’d never know she fell off track.

As a woman, I want you to look in the mirror and know that you’re worth it.

Your crown may tip but never let it fall because in the eyes of God you’re perfect.

In life, you’ll stumble over milestones you never thought you’d come across, but everything happens for a reason.

The trials and tribulations was the blessing in disguise, you’ll find the niche in your season.

Now I know sometimes it’s hard and if it’s not one thing it’s another, but if you didn’t know, when God closes one door he always opens up another.

I am one of these women because I was birthed by one, a queen I mean,

As a woman, they think you aren’t capable,

As a woman, they think you’ll always be understanding,

As a woman, they think you can’t stand the rain, but in reality, in the midst of the storm you are the wo-MAN that’s standing,

Even with your back against the wall, you’re standing.

When you feel the shackles on your ankles, you’re standing,

When you feel like you can no longer stand it, you are still standing,

God made us WOMEN of steel

You know how they say if you can’t take the heat, stay out the kitchen? Well we stay 10 toes down in the heat.

You see I’m strong, I’m black, I’m beautiful and I’m me, dripping in melanin and covered by the blood; from the crown of my head to the souls of my feet.

Don’t ever let up or think twice,

Never let anything discourage you,

Forever speak life into you,

Never give up or let anxiety or depression get to you,

There’s power that lies in the tongue, so when you speak it, whether it be good or bad be ready to receive it.

As woman, we are bad, we are built, and we are wonderfully made,

Through everything you go through, let your heart remain the same,

Know that you are capable of anything you put your mind to, because God won’t put anything in your path that you can’t handle.

Stay solid and know that as long as you are here, you are WINNING, simply because we are WOMEN.

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