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My Sister's Keeper

In observance to Women’s History month, we honor, support and pay homage to all Women. To all

Trail Blazers, forerunners, entrepreneurs, all the greats past, present and future we salute you.

United we stand divided we fall learning the power of standing together. Exemplifying

The true meaning of being my sisters keeper, uplifting and empowering one another as we would

Ourselves. In the words of Helen Keller “Alone we can do so little together we can do so much”. Two

Powerful women Sue Bryce of Transformation, a journey to self-worth & Tiffany Angeles author of

The science of getting rich, came together and built a master class; “Make More Money and

discover your worth”. Both women Combined their expertise, gifts and talents to fulfill one goal. What

if you partnered or supported someone likeminded, driven and passionate about success? The power

that woman naturally possess is immeasurable. We are now Dominating the game, there is no arena a

woman hasn’t stepped into and impressionably left her impact: her mark. From the entertainment

business Taraji p Hensen & Viola Davis who stood together in support and jubilation with one another

on their achievements. Women in Ministry who have come together and impacted nations with Woman

thou art loose & Women who win conferences and so much more. Milestones were met, records were

broken, healing took place, friendships were created and dreams came true from standing together. I

admonish you to be a woman who supports, empowers, encourage and edifies others. Together We

can have ground breaking success.

In closing, Denise McIntosh we honor you, CEO of 4WU

A woman who continues to share her successes and platform with others. We celebrate the booming success of her skin care line “Shea’D UP Creations” and 4 Women United / her Women’s Empowerment organization. We honor her willingness to help others by sharing information and providing resources to help them succeed. Her efforts are tireless. Thank you for being an example of what it truly means to be your sisters keeper.

Ladies, let’s continue to stand together and impact the world like never before! We are our sisters’ keeper!!

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