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Make Up Is My Art

Faceslayedbynae on IG

Makeup has been on my mind ever since the first time that I saw my mom applying makeup to her face when I was 8 years old. Since then I’ve always wanted to have the experience of doing makeup myself. I can remember applying lip gloss to my lips; every time being proud and thinking that I had just beat my face. Once I became old enough, I made it up in my mind that I was going to be a makeup artist and can proudly sat that I’ve been doing just that for the past 3 years. Watching my mom gave me time to observe and learn the art of it. However, I can honestly say that I’ve had some ups and downs along my journey. I’ve always known that it was something I really had a desire for and that all I needed to do work at it and I would be great. From walking around looking like a clown; literally, thinking I was killing the walkway to people booking me for appointments nonstop. The transition even surprised me, but deep down I knew that it was inevitable because I continued to perfect my craft. Today, I love working with makeup; it’s fun and allows for me to create individual masterpieces. It can even allow you look like a brand new person, which is so magnanimous. The most essential part of a good application is how you take care of your skin before and after you apply. Before you apply the makeup on your face, you always want to make sure that your face is clean and your pores are cleared. If not, it’ll lead you to have bumps, rashes, blemishes, and whole bunch of things we don’t want to deal with as beautiful women. Simply put; clean your face before and after your makeup is applied. Facial scrubs and face masks are our best friends. Once you detoxify and exfoliate your face, you are already 110% beautiful ladies! It’s a good thing to be slayed and beat. But it’s even more great, to keep our skin clear, fresh, and healthy! There is nothing better than a clear natural glow!!! Follow me on Instagram at “Faceslayedbynae” for makeup and beauty tips!!

Johna`e Hudson

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