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Physical –Self Care

When it comes to the physical and performing self-care, for women, it's usually placed on the back burner. Most people, especially women neglect ourselves. We have been conditioned societally to put ourselves last. Leaving ourselves with only crumbs, However doing that over a long period of time turns out to be very detrimental to our Health. It comes down to learning self-preservation and also self-accountability, and their roles play a tremendously large part. And as we learn to love ourselves from a healthier place is when everything around this changes and improves. Self-love is key. So how do we improve our lifestyles? What steps do we have to take to be more present in our bodies? Self-Care is a part of self-mastery, being a continuous work of perfect imperfections. What are acts of Self Care? Being present in your body... Learn to what your body is telling and the call of action it is requiring from you. Most of the time our bodies are asking for love. Mediate - Get still, get quiet, it's about getting in time and in tune with your spirit. Don't worry about the thoughts that come and go; let them pass, and continue to be in your space. Start off with 2 minutes and time it... Gradually, increase it by a minute each week. Yoga - Yeah I know.... yes it's intimidating, I’m pacing myself too, but guess what they an alternative version, which is chair yoga. So you can sit, bend, and complete your exercises with less stress and strain on your body and joints, and when you feel comfortable, you can advance. Alpha, Delta, Beta, and Chakra Wave Music... YouTube have some really good healing music. They have various types for healing your mind, clearing negative emotions and energies. There is a large array of music to help remove and change your energy flow, input and output. I have used numerous frequencies over the years, and they have helped me tremendously. I know they can do the same for you. In closing, find ways to love you more and your body will thank you a million times over. Love and Light! Khadija Khay Shepard

My labor of love is called “Authentically Rich”; I wanted to share the parts of my life and show that I

have “skin” in the game when it comes to us healing as women!

My website is “”

The copies are in digital - $10 and softcover copies - $14.

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