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Born on January 23, 1992. She is from Brooklyn, NY, like many artists, but there’s nothing common about Camellia. She is one of those artists whose style is just as diverse as her name. She was raised in the Bronx for many years, and then returned back to Brooklyn. She is culturally diverse; of Afro-Trinidadian, Venezuelan and Japanese heritage, which has played a huge role in all of the different music styles that she has developed an acquired ear for. Her love of music started from her hearing her grandmother and aunt sing. She was in awe with hearing their voices, so at 8 years of age, she started mimicking them. She would perform in front of a mirror in her bedroom. “I would sing loudly, in my room, but I was very shy as a kid”, says Camellia. She then started singing along to television commercials and Disney movies. At the encouragement of her aunt and grandmother; who realized she had talent, Camellia then joined her church choir. She attended Talent Unlimited High School, as a vocal major.

Camellia emerged as a poet, was in national pageants, and attended Barbizon modeling school. From there she pursued modeling and acting more. Camellia has dealt with adversities in her life, and she has used music as a way to purge or share her emotions in front of audiences. She enjoys luring them into her world. She makes a personal connection, and is able to use her music and an outlet. At 18, she had a great opportunity to be a part of New Heritage Theatre Group’s, Impact Repertory Theatre. Impact Repertory Theatre, is a youth-activist group based out of Harlem that performs in front of audiences, most times of 25,000+ people. They have performed for the United Nations, at New York City Hall’s, penitentiaries, and at the Academy Awards. Impact Repertory has been nominated for an Oscar and a Grammy for performing “Raise It Up” in the movie August Rush. Camellia is eccentric, passionate, personable, ambitious and eclectic. Her inspiration comes from a myriad of music artists, such as Faith Evans, Musiq Soulchild, Usher, H.E.R, SZA, Jhene Aiko, Alicia Keys, Karina Pasian and Elle Varner. “If I could sum up my own diversified music style, I would have to say that I’m an Ambient, Alternative, Trap House, R&B artist with a heavy Bluesy-Jazz influence”, says Camellia.

August 2018, the CEO of Musik Note Entertainment discovered her in a session with a business partner and decided she needed the push that she deserved. Shortly, she signed underneath the label Musik Note Entertainment, excited to know that she has the right guidance to possible become something great in the industry. CAMELLIA's moniker means a rapid growing flowering plant, and it seems she too, has rapidly blossomed into an artist, that will be on everyone’s radar.

Musik Note Entertainment presents/J2MusicGrp... (CAMELLIA🌹)

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