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So often we hear stories about people who have never moved forward with their dreams because of FEAR. We also hear of people living their lives with hurt or pain because they’re fearful of what could happen or who else it will hurt. It’s so strange how much FEAR can help or protect everyone but YOU. As an entrepreneur FEAR can literally make you or break you. It could mean the difference between success and failure. FEAR causes you to stay stagnant and in a place of comfort. FEAR will stop you from taking the necessary risks; ultimately causing you not succeed. On a personal note, FEAR will cause you to live with unnecessary guilt, hurt and pain. The BIBLE states that GOD has not given us the spirit of FEAR; but of power and of love and sound mind. So why are will still operating out of the will of GOD but expecting a change. Change comes when you decide to stand up to FEAR. It comes when you make the conscious decision to snatch your POWER back and rise above the four letter word that controls you. This month I encourage you to take back your POWER. Start to give” fear” a run for its money. Notice how I used fear in the last sentence. I made it smaller, less prominent, and inferior to all of the rest. Why? Because this time I expect for you to stand up to it, rise above the controlling behavior it displays. We were created to be have dominion over all the earth. So why think that God hasn’t given us the POWER to overcome fear. Right now I want you to make the decision to be BOLD, COURAGEOUS AND FEARLESS. YOU CAN DO IT!!

Denise McIntosh

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