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Alia Pierre; A Crown Heights native and dynamically talented young woman has been making a mark in the performing arts industry since a child. Performing in numerous shows and events throughout her life it wasn’t until 2015 that she began performing her spoken word pieces and raps more frequently around the city. She formed a band #OJintheYams who decided to go all in with her and they quickly started booking gigs. Struggling with a bout of depression in 2014 this new found release quickly began to restore her and has added so much life to those around her. She believes that she was placed in this world as a modern day Harriet: to free people of mental, spiritual, and emotional bondage. She does this through her music and loving spirit. At age 14 her pastor told her she would experience days of spiritual overflow. She believes now is the time. Although she still suffers from depression from time to time, she believes those are the moments God is building her up and preparing her to lead the people. Every TEST is her TESTIMONY! I love hearing stories of inspiration and am truly happy to have been able to experience some of who she is and what she does. Here are a few inspiring words from Alia that we hope you’ll receive and enjoy!

What happens when Fear comes knocking, but Courage is never home? This was what I dealt with for most of my life. Having such a religious background certainly challenged me as I got older because while I was growing into the young woman I’m sure God has planned, I struggled with acceptance from those closest to me due to religion. Yearning for their love and support only resulted in me lacking the confidence, courage and will power I needed to completely and whole-heartedly be myself. Eventually I began disowning myself. It took me years to understand “to whom much is given, much is required.” Today, I truly live by this quote and instead of allowing fearful situations to overtake me I witness courage and victory through my artistry. Being a performing artist isn’t easy, but extremely rewarding and self-healing. I’m glad to say I’ve had a number of accomplishments, which include dancing for award shows and even running a business. God has allowed me to have an amazing support system that has been there through every opportunity. I believe that my purpose in life is to heal those who are mentally and emotionally damaged, through Hip Hop music, poetry and dance. I perform around the city with my band #OJintheYams and host events of my own which cater to the youth and underground artists. In addition, I am the co-founder of Divine Favor Youth Ensemble, a performing arts company based in Harlem, and teach at Harlem Children’s Zone as a performing arts teacher. “I’m so blessed, feels like I’m in Heaven/Faith so strong would think my last name’s Evans/think I found my purpose tell them I don’t need a reverend I’m that little bit of sunrise while the sun’s setting/I’m LEGEND!” – Li

To watch some of her performances or to book her band contact her through Instagram: @Astoldbyli

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