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Greatness can be found within your insecurities!!

“GREATNESS” can be found in your insecurities

Many people look at me and think that I have it all together, that I don’t have many issues with self-confidence or insecurities like everyone else. Well, let me tell you something “I really do”. I’ve faced some real hard challenges in my life, many which have affected my confidence greatly. From the war scars which I bear to the tattoos that cover my body; each has its own relevance in my struggle. I find that we are judged largely by the perception that one gets from a picture or a simple meeting. This is something that I have to push through every time I step out, in business or leisure. Among other things my greatest insecurity is something which I use often; the thing that God has chosen to use to bless others, my “VOICE”. I’ve never related to it and never thought of it as a great part of me. The sound of it, so raspy and deep had always given me a complex, causing me to use it with limitations. Oh, but now, now that GOD has allowed for me to tap into the greatness within me I’m learning to embrace the gift of my voice. I am moving forward and using it to bless others not only vocally but also silently. Taking leaps far beyond my natural capabilities and allowing myself to be led by Him to do what he has called me to do. #SHESPEAKS, so whatever it is that you are struggling with, I encourage you to pray about it. It may be the thing that God is using to pull out the greatness within you. Be encouraged!!

Denise McIntosh

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