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Who Are You?

Who are you? Good question, one day while in the midst of a conversation a co-worker asked me about my children and how they were doing in their careers and schooling. As we were talking she asked if I had any pictures of them and since I had just gotten a new phone I didn’t have any on hand. She then proceeded to say “oh wait” can’t I google your son? Knowing that he has performed on a few awards shows and has been in several videos I answered “YES” so she typed his name in google and there he was. As we continued on she asked about my youngest son and his football career and my daughters journey in college then decided to type them both in to see what happened and “Bam” there they were. I was flabbergasted by the fact that we were able to use a search engine to gather positive information about “MY CHILDREN”, I was a proud momma. Throughout the day I thought about this over and over again; later that day I decided to google “MY NAME’ to see what came up; in all of my excitement and suspense I sat patiently watching the dial turn and “BAM” NOTHING but social media name tags. On my drive home I kept thinking “isn’t that so crazy that after all that I have done to help others, all of the energy that I’ve put in to make sure that my children have been productive and successful individuals, nothing came up about me.”

Here I sit with 1 son living out of state, my daughter working on moving out and 1 year away from my youngest son leaving for college, WOW; what next? What do I do now that I don’t have to run home to cook and help with homework, no more rushing to games or practice or operating around school schedules. In all of the time that I’ve spent preparing them for their future, somewhere along the way I have lost sight of my own. I have put all of my energy in helping my children and others who needed me; that I never plan for the “WHAT NEXT” portion of my life. Don’t get me wrong, I did what I was supposed to do, it was my job to make sure my children would succeed, but it was also my job to add myself into the equation as well. So often we give all that we have to make sure that things go right in the lives of others. We put every bit of our energy into making sure that our children succeed; we help and support our mates through their careers and answer everyone else’s calls when they come, what about us? At this stage in life I really had to sit back and ask myself “Who am I? Who did God call me to be? What is my purpose? How do I start now? I went through a series of fasting and praying; really focusing on what message God sent to figure it all out. Thank fully God restored me, put me back on track and sent me on my way to living a self-fulfilling life. Are you losing yourself in the process of raising your children and helping others? Are you making sure that your needs, wants, desires and goals are being met in the midst of it all? Google yourself and see if anything noble comes up, are you happy with what you see? Ask yourself, is there more? Can I do more? Do I desire more? If the answer is YES, I encourage you to set out on the journey to making that happen. You are just as important as everyone else and if that’s not enough then think about what life would be like if there was no you. Take care of yourself and in the process you will find out who you really are, God’s Luck to you!!

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