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Focus with Intention

Generally, we operate throughout the day whimsically not really intending to be focused on any one thing. We operate normally throughout our day to day activities taking care of the things that need to be done. We do this so often that it tricks us into believing that we are doing something that we are not. Life happens, and things naturally have to betaken care of; such as working, going to school, shopping, laundry, etc. Yes these are things that need to be accomplished but what about that thing that is not getting done? What about that dream that is festering inside of you, that business that is sitting idle or that degree that you’ve been promising yourself you’d get. It’s important that we don’t confuse getting things done because we have to with intentionally achieving a goal.

Yes, getting your day to day activities accomplished is great, but how about “Intentionally Focusing” on a goal. This would mean carving out the time in your busy schedule to start working on a project, or an idea and intentionally accomplishing a result. When you focus you put all of your effort, resources and attention into achieving a desired outcome. So as you go throughout your day doing the necessary things, try to put more effort into intentionally focusing on achieving a goal with a successful outcome, then you will notice a difference!

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