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Don't let the clutter hold you back...

Life happens for all of us, just the way it’s supposed to. Our day to day activities and requirements get done leisurely, one thing leads to another; the day is gone and off to the next. Most of us can’t find the time to add ourselves to the equation. We get so overwhelmed with work and the concerns of others that we can’t find time to deal with the things that are not only cluttering our days, but our mind. Operating in such a space is dangerous for any human being but here we’re focusing specifically on a woman. Women have the tendency to just keep going, overloading themselves mentally until they become so frustrated that they explode.

This is why we chose to focus today on encouraging you to put yourself first for once. We understand that most women have set their dreams or personal goals aside for family, marriage or even work. We applaud you for getting that done, but now is the time that you pick that dream back up, reevaluate that idea, and reset those goals that you once had. You’ve lived long enough for others. Now is the perfect time to start living for you, your kids are out of school, your husband’s career is up and running, and the job that you took on has a host of other employees behind them. There is no more time to live in the chaos or with the list of excuses; it’s your time. Think of what life would be like if you really joined that dance class, or if you signed up for the cooking class that you were once interested in. Sheesh, what if you went back to school and finished your degree? How liberating would that be? It is ok take let your hair down, to put yourself first for once and just go for it! It doesn’t matter how old you are, what experience you don’t have or if you have to do it alone. What matters is that you DO IT! Let go of all of the things that once held you back, release that strongholds that have been set upon you and start moving.

Set a ME TIME GOAL for yourself every week for the next 6 months and do at least one thing for yourself just because. If that means going out to eat alone then do it, if it’s starting a new book, hit the library as soon as you can and get engrossed in the pages. As soon as you make the decision to do so, your life will change. You can absolutely do this, better yet, YOU ABSOLUTELY DESERVE TO DO THIS!

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